Most Awarded Custom Attenuator Trucks

Royal's TMA Truck Build

The Nation's Safest TMA Truck

ROYAL STANDS BEHIND THE QUALITY OF EVERY TRUCK WE BUILD. Our TMA truck surpasses the standards and certification processes of even the strictest state regulations. Our unique attenuator truck bodies have been engineered to successfully sustain high speed impacts. Other's have tried, but they cannot be replicated! ... Crash attenuators should be used anytime you are restricting the flow of traffic and on job sites that are deemed high hazard such as: nighttime operations, roads with heavy traffic, during the initial phase of a long term project, and when traffic control signs and devices are being set out or picked up.

TMA Truck Ballast

Heavy Duty Steel Flatbed Body

Truck Ballast

The truck ballast is one of the most crucial components of a TMA truck, that unfortunately, some builders ignore entirely. A traffic control truck that is too light can have deadly consequences. Royal's custom engineered center compartments contain a concrete ballast which is installed to achieve a minimum weight of 20,000 lbs. Every Royal TMA Truck meets our TMA manufacturer's recommendations and the requirements of the NCHRP Report 350 and now AASHTO's MASH standards.

TMA Truck On Air Brakes

No Exception

Air Brakes

At Royal we believe so strongly that all TMA Trucks should be built on air brakes. It is unarguably the safest option. Hydraulic brakes can break apart or simply fail during an impact, sending your massive truck rolling into the work zone it's supposed to be protecting. Air brakes also eliminate human error. Imagine being in a panic seeing an oncoming vehicle and trusting you can hit and hold down the brake petal. Air brakes simply lock on impact, keeping your TMA truck within it's roll ahead distance. Our trucks are under 26,000 lbs so you do not need a CDL to drive one.

TMA Truck Bulk Head

Heavy Duty


In the event of a high speed impact, the bulkhead protects the driver from injury. Each truck has a 54" x 8' wide steel bulkhead with a mesh window and heavy duty stationary rear corner posts. The bulkhead is 3" thick and extends higher than the cab to provide the most protection possible for the driver.

Royal Truck & Equipment Manufacturer of Traffic Control Truck

Final Stage Certification

Final Stage Manufacturer

If you build or modify trucks by installing truck bodies, or related equipment, you must certify them. Failure to certify can result in massive penalties and if you get caught with Joe's TMA truck without it, you're in big trouble! Royal is one of the ONLY TMA Truck producers that can affix a final stage manufactures sticker on an attenuator truck. We're authorized to re-purpose a truck from any other type, into a TMA Truck. This includes performing a FMVSS compliance analysis, a payload and weight distribution analysis among others.

Attenuator Truck Mobile DVR

Mobile DVR

Mobile DVR

Royal's Mobile DVR System is an add on product that comes highly recommended for an attenuator truck. The set up includes a 7" high resolution touch screen cab monitor, GPS for speed and location tracking and recording for up to 5 hi-res cameras. This system protects you from liability in the event of an impact or negligence claim. It's also a great tool for monitoring mobile crews and training new recruits.

Attenuator Truck Arrow Board

15 or 25 Light

Arrow Board

Each attenuator truck comes with 15 or 25 light arrow board, depending on your state's regulations. We use a vertical telescopic mount which is raised and lowered by hydraulics. The system has a dedicated battery which is charged by the solar panel. The arrow board is operated by a cab-mounted control.

Attenuator Truck Solar Panel

Bulkhead Mounted

Solar Panel

We mount the solar panel on the bulkhead so it's closer to the sun, go figure! The location also prevents operator damage. The solar panel charges the arrow board battery. The battery is a deep cycle marine battery that will charge your arrow board for 20 - 30 days! (If you've gone without sun exposure for that long.)

Attenuator Truck Radar Board & Message Board

Message &

Radar Board

Proven to slow traffic speeds: Royal's radar board is a 3' x 5' full matrix display with GPS and radar overspeed detection. The best part is that live speeds are overlaid on DVR recordings, if you have one. You'll know exactly how fast a vehicle was traveling in the event of an impact. Companies have used speed recordings to show dangerous speeds in their work zones to request police presence to slow travelers. The system has Bluetooth connectivity for custom message selection, programming, and diagnostics.

Royal Truck & Equipment Double Wide Man Bucket for Traffic Control Truck

Standard or

Double Wide Man Bucket

Our double wide man buckets make lifting and placing cones or drums much easier! They measure 60" wide and have a large non-slip floor. The safety bard is powder coated yellow visibility and is adjustable. It also comes with a built in tool box for extra storage! These are an available option for any model of traffic control truck.

Royal TMA Truck Sign Cage on TMA Truck

Traffic Control Truck

Sign Cage

Royal's sign cage is designed to restrain any contents from becoming projectiles in the event of an impact. It stores standard 4' x 8' highway construction signs. It's also equipped with lockable double doors that are mounted on both sides of the truck. The cage covers the full body width and fits under the folded Scorpion TMA. The doors are powder coated yellow for enhanced durability and visibility, with the remainder of the cage powder coated black.

Attenuator Truck Traffic Drum Rack

Traffic Barrel or

Drum Rack

Our over the cab drum rack system securely stores up to 60 additional traffic drums. And of course, it's built to withstand the force of an impact.

Attenuator Truck Non-Slip Deck on TMA Truck


Non-Slip Deck

The bed of the truck is painted black and has a polyurethane non-skid flexible coating which is applied to deck. We also used non-slip safety decals around the man buckets. This coating comes standard on every traffic control truck.

Truck Mounted Generator

No More Idle

Truck Mounted Generator

An attenuator truck spends a lot of time idling. Royal's Truck Mounted Generator is a fully self-contained, stand alone unit mounted under the truck bed. It powers all the work and safety lights, arrow and radar board, the attenuator, auxiliary lighting and all accessories so that you never have to let your truck idle again. At an average of on .25 gal/hr fuel consumption, you can save the wear an tear on your truck engine, and especially prevent clogging your DPF.

Rumble Strip CRIB for Traffic Control Truck

Truck Mounted

Rumble Strip CRIB

Royal offers a Temporary Portable Rumble Strip (TPRS) CRIB that can be mounted on your traffic control truck. This Road Quake Safety System allows for faster and safer deployment and removal of RoadQuake 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strips. It's ideal in work zones where daily installation and removal is required.

TMA Truck LED Work Lights on Attenuator Truck

Safety Lights

LED Work Lights

Royal's work light package includes a total of 8 adjustable LED work lights. Two are mounted to bulkhead facing body and six are mounted along the underside of body. This illuminates the work area around the truck. All lights are wired to OEM switch on the truck's dashboard.