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Here you can check out all the features and components of our custom attenuator trucks with the interactive TMA Truck below. Use the form at the bottom to build a TMA truck and place your order. You’ll receive a call back and a quote for your custom truck! It’s that easy! – There’s a lot that goes into making a Royal built truck the Nation’s Safest TMA Truck. Click here to learn more about all the most innovative safety features on our standard truck build. Contact us if you need any assistance at all!


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Build Your Own Custom Attenuator Trucks
Scorpion® TMA Truck Mounted AttenuatorState Specific StripingMobile DVR System15 Or 25 Light Arrow BoardRadar & Message BoardSingle or Double Wide Man BucketsSign CageTraffic Barrel/Drum RackTruck Mounted GeneratorTruck Mounted Rumble Strip Crib

Scorpion® TMA Truck Mounted Attenuator

Model C TL-3

The Scorpion II Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) is a mobile crash cushion attached to the rear of a support vehicle’s frame. The TMA is tested, passed and eligible to MASH TL-3 (62.5 mph / 100 kph).

State Specific Striping

Most States: Orange & Black Chevron
Texas: Red & White Chevron
Florida: Orange & White Chevron + Bottom 2 ft of D Module

Mobile DVR System

Protects from liability in the event of an impact or negligence claim. It's also a great tool for monitoring mobile crews and training new recruits. Multiple views on a 7" high resolution touch screen cab monitor.

15 Or 25 Light Arrow Board

Depending on your state, you'll need a 15 or 25 light arrow board on your TMA truck. Ours used a vertical telescopic mount which is raised and lowered by hydraulics, has a dedicated battery and is operated by a cab-mounted control.

Radar & Message Board

Radar boards are proven to slow traffic speeds in work zones. This optional 3' x 5' full matrix display has GPS and radar overspeed detection. It also can overlay speeds onto DVR recordings.

Single or Double Wide Man Buckets

Single Man Buckets are 33" wide while our Double Wide Man Buckets are 60" wide and comes with a toolbox for extra storage. Both have non-slip flooring.

Sign Cage

The Sign Cage stores standard 4' x 8' highway construction signs. It's also equipped with lockable double doors that are mounted on both sides of the truck. It's designed to restrain any contents from becoming projectiles in the event of an impact.

Traffic Barrel/Drum Rack

Securely store up to 60 additional traffic drums with the over the cab drum rack system. It's built to withstand the force of an impact.

Truck Mounted Generator

Never idle your truck again with Royal's Truck Mounted Generator. It's a fully self-contained, stand alone unit mounted under the truck bed. It powers all the work and safety lights, arrow and radar board, the attenuator, auxiliary lighting and all accessories.

Truck Mounted Rumble Strip Crib

The Temporary Portable Rumble Strip (TPRS) CRIB can be mounted on your traffic control truck. This Road Quake Safety System allows for faster and safer deployment and removal of RoadQuake 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strips.

National Attenuator Truck Order Form

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Royal’s custom attenuator trucks are our pride and joy! We’re constantly innovating each feature of our truck to make sure we’re offering the safest traffic control truck possible. Use this awesome form to build a TMA truck truck exactly how you need it! Or consider our basic TMA truck:

Your Basic Attenuator Truck:

Build A TMA Truck

Description: New Scorpion TL-3 Scorpion Attenuator, New 15 Lamp LED Arrow Board, New Royal TMA Body w/Non-Skid Deck, 2 Rear-Mounted LED Amber Strobes, 2 Bulkhead-Mounted LED Beacons, Back-Up Camera System w/ In-Cab Monitor

Don’t let the basic TMA truck underwhelm you! It’s built to meet all of the strictest safety regulations and standards just as our custom attenuator trucks are. If you don’t require all the bells and whistles, we can still build a TMA truck for you! Simply place your order with none of the additional options selected. This truck is weighted heavy enough to keep it moving as little as possible into the RAD zone. It’s built on air brakes as it’s the best choice for a crash truck. It also features a Scorpion Impact Attenuator in fashionably snazzy yellow; plus it’s the safest on the market!

The Form:

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