• What is a TMA Truck?

    A TMA, or truck mounted attenuator truck, is placed strategically in a highway work zone to protect workers from errant vehicles in oncoming traffic. This truck has an impact attenuator, or crash cushion, that absorbs the kinetic energy of the colliding vehicle.

  • What are the Texas Regulations Regarding TMA Trucks?

    Texas has minimum weight for a TMA truck at 19,000 pounds. Texas also outlines exactly how ballasting of the truck is to be done. The attenuator striping also needs to be red and white. Read more here.

  • How does the autonomous TMA truck work?

    Operation of the ATMA includes a Leader/Follower configuration. A human-driven leader vehicle is followed by an unmanned follower vehicle (the ATMA). The leader vehicle is outfitted with a NAV Module. This module contains a GPS receiver, system computer, digital compass, and a transceiver. It transmits GPS position data called “eCrumbs” back to the follower vehicle, which then uses the data to follow the exact path and speed of the Leader vehicle at each point along the route. The NAV Module can be easily unstrapped and removed from one vehicle and installed on another if a different leader vehicle is required. Click here to learn more!

  • Do I need a CDL to drive a TMA Truck?

    At Royal Truck & Equipment, we weight our trucks less than 26,000 lbs. So you don’t need a CDL to drive one, in most states. Click here to see the exception!

  • What is roll ahead distance?

    Roll ahead distance, or RAD, is the distance a TMA will be displaced in the event of an impact. This is extremely important to know so your attenuator truck does not roll into your work zone. Many states require a specific distance between the truck and workers. Learn more here.

  • What is the truck mounted generator? And is it worth it?

    Yes it is! Our truck mounted generator runs the safety lights and attenuator on your TMA truck so that you don’t have to leave your engine running! There is huge cost savings here as for as fuel costs and wear and tear on your truck. Check it out!